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Before VICOiCare vs After VICOiCare
Tracking Times w/Pencil & Paper
  • Before VICOiCare, we used a notebook to add in student check-in times with pencil, then updated in spreadsheet software. 
  • Now, the system tracks each check-in and check-out times. A complete time management solution.
Creating Invoice & Manual Billing
  • Before VICOiCare, we created invoices from manual entry into spreadsheet software.  Fee disputes were common.
  • Now, the system automatically populates a detailed invoice, emails, and charges the credit card on file. No payment disputes based on parent digital signature requirement upon check-out
Staff Payroll Processing
  • Before VICOiCare, we used paper time sheets, then added information into spreadsheet software. Payroll consisted of adding up the figures, writing checks, and mailing.
  • Now, the system uses scanning employee badges to checks in.  The system automatically checks out employee after the last child/student is checked out.  System keeps a detail time record of each employee and calculates payroll.
Your BEST solution for Day, Before, & After Care Management
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